Pflüger Rechtsforschung GmbH (Germany) and Dr. Pflüger Rechtsforschung (Austria) both specialise in the field of (Empirical) Legal Research. Both institutes operate internationally, in Europe and globally.


Our German team consists of lawyers and experts with an academic legal background who focus on studies related to Intellectual Property (IP) law and research into legal facts.

This research field has been developed by us over several decades. In 2012, after many years of experience with Infratest, later TNS (now KANTAR), we took over the legal research division of TNS to found our own independent research institute Pflüger Rechtsforschung GmbH. Our expertise ranges over more than 1,000 expert opinions, including numerous statements on those of third parties.

We are familiar with all the issues and requirements involved in (empirical) legal research practice, not only from the point of view of the contracting companies and lawyers but also from the perspective of examiners at trademark offices, courts and the “opposing party”. We are thus able to offer comprehensive advice and to provide tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with our clients.

Legal research demands formulating questions that are appropriate both empirically and legally. Only in this way is it possible – whether in registration procedures, before / during legal disputes or litigation, or in the context of legal or association policy – to obtain meaningful, representative results which can be extrapolated to the relevant public. Our reliability and attention to detail provide the basis for gaining the relevant legal differentiations required.


In Austria, Dr. Almut Pflüger deals with similar projects for Austrian courts and companies as well as for clients from abroad from her office in Vienna.